Live Blackjack Canada

One of the most popular games played on the internet is live blackjack. Players prefer gambling with live dealers because it makes them feel like they are in a real casino venue. However, some players still have doubts about how live blackjack works and if it is even fair. In this post, we will dispel myths about live blackjack Canada.

How Live Blackjack Works

Playing live blackjack games, you feel the same real excitement but stay in the comfort of your home. The best blackjack sites in Canada maintain the realism and atmosphere of land-based casino blackjack tables. The live game is streamed to your desktop or mobile device in real-time mode. During the game, you make betting decisions until the time for placing bets runs out. Plus, you can talk with the dealer and other players in the live chat.

How Fair Live Blackjack Is

In the beginning, many players are concerned about the reliability and fairness of hands in blackjack. However, there’s no need to worry if you know your blackjack site is legit. All decent casinos are licensed and regulated by gaming authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Because casinos follow strict standards, they regularly undergo audits to ensure that the outcomes of games are fair and unpredictable.

What is more, every online blackjack game is powered by a random number generator that excludes the possibility of rigged games.

When it comes to live blackjack, there is a bit different technology that ensures fairness of results. The hands of the deal are converted to communicable data via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This way, hands are transferred to the player via a live link. Thanks to the OCR technology, players can interact with the blackjack table in the same way as they would with live roulette, for example.

Live Blackjack House Edge and RTP

Everybody knows that the house always wins. In other words, it means that the casino always has an advantage over the players. This statistical advantage is called the house edge. Simply put, the house edge is a percentage of money players will probably lose in the long run.

However, you should not be afraid of this figure when you play live blackjack because blackjack games always have a very low house edge. Plus, you can make it even lower if you use the right strategy.

Because of the low house edge, blackjack players have more chances to win real money. This is why the average return to player (RTP) of live blackjack games usually runs between 98% and 100%. So, to win money on live blackjack, one has to know the winning tips and strategies. If you apply them right, you will have an advantage over the casino, not vice versa.


Online casinos offer many variations of live blackjack games. To benefit the most from it, make sure that you are playing on a legit site. Besides, always bear in mind the winning tips and stick to your blackjack strategy.